Our Learning Design

To ensure an inclusive, equitable and quality education with engaging learning opportunities for all, OneLern offers a learner-centric programme to enable the holistic development of 21st-century learners.

An adaptive curriculum designed around the education keystones

Our learning outcomes-based curriculum is designed with a focus on development domains and best teaching-learning practices.

Emotional, Social
and Ethical Learning

Promote social-emotional learning among students to help them understand themselves better, connect with others, achieve their goals and become effective members of the community

Cognitive Thinking

Well-designed learning experiences that help in the development of knowledge, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and the students’ capacity to understand the world around them

Physical, Motor
and Mental Well-being

Activities focusing on physical and mental well-being with special emphasis on mindfulness and nature connect

Creative and
Aesthetic Skills

Hands-on activities to foster creativity and thinking skills in students, to help them express their unique impressions of the world around them

Early Literacy
and Numeracy Skills

Skills-based experiences and purposeful fun activities to initiate learning around quality children’s literature and competencies related to numeracy. These help the child to understand and engage with the concepts taught


Use the latest technology to make the teaching-learning process interesting and engaging while preparing students for digital citizenship

Achieving 21st-Century Learning, Literacy and Life Skills

Enriching curriculum and pedagogy with specially designed activities that focus on experiential learning and 21st-century skill

Content-base on clearly defined learning outcomes and assessments aligned to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to ensure an effective, engaging and holistic learning experience

Let’s Refresh


Let’s Watch


Let’s Learn


Let’s Try


Let’s Find Out


Let’s Assess


Let’s Create


Let’s Explore



An expansive content library and tailor-made curriculum for:
- CBSE and state boards in India
- OECS in Central America

NEP 2020 (India)

Holistic development through experiential learning and inclusion of 21st-century skills

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