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Building for the future

It all started with personal experience, which then led to social conscience and determination to radically improve K-12 learning outcomes through affordable digital education.

In 2012, during a visit to my son’s former school in Silicon Valley, I was struck by how deeply engaged primary-grade students were while using digital content in a science class. I loved this.

I passionately believe that high-quality digital education should be accessible to all students globally, and not necessarily confined to developed countries. I wanted to know why others had not embraced it yet.

I went on a tour to study more than 14 countries to understand their education systems. I recognized barriers that prohibited a digital transformation. But there were also certain trends that made me confident that there was a way to overcome these barriers.

Fast forward to today, that passion has shaped who we are as FortunaPIX – delivering affordable and quality education globally.

TC Ashok

On a Mission

To simplify the digital transformation of schools through disruptive technologies, platforms and solutions

With a vision

To digitally empower schools through easy-to-adopt, affordable education solutions for high-quality teaching and learning experiences
Recognised by United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals (2015)

“FortunaPIX is not just bridging the learning divide; in fact, through the use of technology, it is also able to address problems associated with conflict resolution, gender equality, preventive care, and refugee upliftment. FortunaPIX will play a very critical role in addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

Co-chair Policy & Strategy Group
of the UN World We Want

A few stories
from around the world


Improvement in student’s test scores


Students were more engaged in lessons


Teachers preferred using our content


Teachers felt our solutions made teaching simpler

In collaboration with Carlos Slim Foundation, we launched LernWise in Spanish as an after-school program in remote villages in Mexico to improve learning outcomes.

Teachers used the content to explain topics, gauge interest levels and assess the students on what they learned. Students were engaged, collaborative and excited.

The program successfully demonstrated that pedagogically powerful content presented through engaging visuals not only helped capture the students’ attention but also increased their retention and recall, leading to significant improvements in performance.


Students received the digital textbooks


Subjects including foreign languages and stem courses


Teachers received the digital textbooks


Teachers felt our platform made teaching simpler

Our one-of-a-kind, interactive, digital LernBook is adopted by many countries in Central America by the Ministries of Education

In Phase I, more than 25000 students in Grades 7 to 11 were given customized 2-in-1 tablets with digital books that were designed in line with the requirements of the local Ministries. Our platform enabled the teachers to tailor the content to suit their requirements.

Additionally, we provided a variety of learning and assessment tools to enhance the in-classroom learning experience.

The program successfully demonstrated that pedagogically powerful content presented through engaging visuals not only helped capture the students’ attention but also increased their retention and recall, leading to significant improvements in performance.


Schools benefitted from the digital classrooms


Students experienced learning in a new way


Entire content is localized into two local languages - Pashto and Dari


Teachers liked to use our digital repository in the classroom teaching

Through LernBag — our robust repository of digital learning objects, we implemented one of the largest K-12 digital classroom projects in the two official languages of Afghanistan — Pashto and Dari.

Carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and funded by the World Bank, we enabled hundreds of underserved schools across war-torn Afghanistan to use modern technologies to improve educational standards.

Through our innovative combination of technologies, we were able to provide newer learning experiences for students that resulted in higher attendance and better performance.


Students used the digital interactive solution


Schools received the interactive digital product


Cities across India


Adoption of LernBook by both teachers and students

We launched LernBook — a first of its kind, in-classroom digital interactive product — with one of the largest K-12 school brands in India.

It digitized the learning and teaching experiences of students and teachers both in and outside the classroom.

We eliminated the administrative burdens that are the unfortunate side-effects of imparting education and empowered the schools to concentrate on strengthening their core learning practices. This resulted in improved attention, retention and performance of students.


Improvement in student’s test scores


Students were more engaged in lessons


Teachers recommended students use lernwise


Students felt topic learning is easier and engaging

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Panama, we launched LernWise — our in-classroom, tablet-based app — to better the learning standards of students in physics, chemistry and biology across schools in cities, towns and villages.

Developed and deployed in Spanish, the project established that curriculum-aligned, pedagogically powerful content helps students to easily understand topics that were previously difficult to comprehend. Once the students grasped the concepts, they began to sharpen their ability to analyze and apply their learning.

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